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What is branding, and why is it important? Ever since the beginning of time/ communication, people have presented themselves or their views in a certain way.

For example, the Cave painting depicted a particular idea peculiarly and uniquely. Each of those scribbles had a unique handwriting that represented them, which later became their identity in storytelling. Those wall artists could put their personality and voice into the messaging. Likewise, good marketers help the client tell a story about the company, thereby creating an image to represent the firm through time. And that process of image creation is branding. This blog post will give you deep insights into what is branding, and why is it so important. Keep scrolling…Before getting deep into the branding, what is a brand?

A brand is simply what distinguishes one company from the other, and it comprises features such as name, tagline, logo or symbol, design, brand voice, and more. What is branding?

Branding is a set of strategic steps that includes the process of researching and developing a certain feature for your organization so that the consumers will associate the brand with products or services the firm offers. The concept of brand exists in the minds of customers. Why is branding so important?

What is branding, and why is it important?

Branding is a mandatory and critical thing to do for a business as it creates an overall impression in the minds of consumers about the organization. It can drive new business and create awareness among the people. Here are some of the reasons why branding is so important-

  • Branding creates recognition for the firm
  • Branding creates an overall image of what to expect from the company.
  • Branding increases business value by giving the company more advantages in the industry.
  • Strong branding generates a more significant impression and brings more customers to do business with you
  • Employees will be proud and more satisfied to work with a strongly branded company
  • Branding can build trust with consumers, potential clients, and customers.
  • Branding supports advertisement strategies.

How do you build a brand online?

You have to hire a digital marketing team to do branding online. However, the whole process of branding boils down to 7 steps below-

  • Research your target audience and competitors
  • Choose your personality
  • Pick the name for your business
  • Make a slogan
  • Opt for the look of the brand
  • Make a logo
  • Start applying the brand

Why do Brands Hire Agencies?

Many businesses turn to agencies for their expertise and specialized services in branding and business promotion. Why Invest in Branding?

Branding lets you have the type of clients you want to attract. Investing in the branding is worth your money because-

  • It attracts valuable customers and investors
  • It builds credibility
  • Brand marketing engages customers
  • Branding increases company value
  • It closes more sales
  • Branding decreases marketing spend
  • If you position your brand as a premium through branding, you can ask for premium rates.

Let us give you an example of perfect branding.


Through corporate identity and digital marketing tactics, Airbnb has managed to build success in a short period. Right from user-generated images and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to humor-rich campaigns, the brand Airbnb shined the brightest in the past few years by generating interest with content.

Yukesh Chaudhary

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