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Ever been left scratching your noggin, wondering how certain LinkedIn articles effortlessly snag top spots on the front page of Google? In this digital age, online visibility is the gold standard. It’s a simple equation: the higher your LinkedIn articles perch on Google’s ranking, the more eyeballs you attract—potential clients, customers, or collaborators. It’s not just about views; it’s about converting that visibility into traffic, leads, conversions, and, of course, the sweet sound of revenue.

Now, the burning question on your mind: How do you get a piece of this action? Today, I’m not just pulling back the curtain; I’m handing you a clear-cut, no-nonsense roadmap for mastering the mystical art of Getting Your LinkedIn Articles to Shine on Google.

Tip 1: Weave Magic with High-Quality LinkedIn Articles

Behind every top-ranking article is the wizardry of sheer quality. Dive into crafting pieces that not only speak to your audience but resonate, inform, and forge a connection. Skip the fluff—LinkedIn is a professional battleground, and its denizens crave content that’s straight to the point. Your mission? Deliver just that.

Tip 2: Enchant Your LinkedIn Article with Keywords

Every word you pen down possesses SEO potential, especially when it’s sprinkled with the magic of keywords. While drafting, weave in keywords that dance with your niche. For example, if I were in the game, terms like “Video sorcery,” “AI enchantments in video creation,” or “B2B bewitching video solutions” might be my go-to spells. Incorporate these keywords into your title, subheadings, and core content, but let the authenticity of your message shine through. Keyword tools can be your guiding spirits, but let your intent be the master of the spell.

Tip 3: Conjure Videos into Your LinkedIn Articles

Seeking a potent SEO elixir on LinkedIn? Conjure videos into your articles. Videos not only break the monotony but also summon more shares on social media—essentially casting a spell that boosts the ranking of your LinkedIn articles. Here’s a golden charm: embed your video from YouTube. Why? Because YouTube isn’t just a video platform; it’s the mystical realm’s second-largest search engine. Tapping into its vast powers naturally enhances your article’s SEO gravitas.

Tip 4: Enchant Your LinkedIn Articles with Backlinks

Picture industry titans giving your LinkedIn article a firm, approving nod—a spellbinding gesture indeed. That’s the kind of magic a backlink from a reputable site brings. Whether through guest wizardry, magical partnerships, or multi-platform spell-sharing, go after those invaluable backlinks. They’re your enchanted pass to greater visibility and credibility.

Tip 5: Unleash LinkedIn’s Golden Seal of Approval (Shares!)

Every share sets off a chain reaction, making your LinkedIn article more tantalizing for Google. Visibility is the game, and every interaction with your piece adds to its magical resonance. Nudge your network. Encourage shares, comments, and likes. The more magical buzz, the brighter your beacon on Google.

Mastering the mystical art of getting your LinkedIn articles ranked on Google is not your typical magic trick. It’s about blending the ancient sorcery of SEO with modern enchantments, like video integration. Follow these five magical tips, and you’ll find yourself on a quest to secure a coveted spot for your LinkedIn articles on Google’s magical stage.

Yukesh Chaudhary

Keep working, and keep hustling! CEO of Niriv, The Internet Company.