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Chinese digital video giant, TikTok, has formally appealed to the government of Nepal to reconsider its ban on the popular platform. In a letter outlining a five-point commitment plan, TikTok aims to address the regulatory concerns that led to its prohibition.

The company’s pledges include:

  • Strict adherence to Nepalese law: TikTok will fully comply with all legal processes within Nepal.
  • Direct communication with government: Establishment of official channels for discussion of content-related issues.
  • Nepal-specific content filtering: TikTok will tailor content moderation to align with local standards and sensitivities.
  • Internet safety and digital literacy campaigns: Nationwide initiatives to promote responsible online behavior.
  • Educational content development: Prioritizing the creation of materials beneficial to Nepalese students.

TikTok’s ban in Nepal went into effect in November of last year. The company’s appeal highlights its willingness to work collaboratively with the Nepali government to ensure a safe and responsible platform for users within the country.

Yukesh Chaudhary

Keep working, and keep hustling! CEO of Niriv, The Internet Company.